Internet Resources

The Internet is a huge source of information regarding the topic of this book. Here is a list of my recommendations of sites where you could find additional, relevant information.

Where You Can Get the Standard

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sells the C++ standard in the United States. At the time this book was written, you could get the C++ standard at the Electronics Standard Store of ANSI for $18 (US) at the following site:


The following newsgroups discuss C++, the standard, and the C++ standard library:

Internet Addresses/URLs

This section lists links that provide additional related informations regarding the C++ standard library and the STL. However, books might have a longer life than Internet sites, and the links listed here may be not valid in the future. Therefore, I will provide the actual list of links for this book at the following site (and I expect my site to be stable):

The following links refer to issues of the whole C++ standard library:

The following links refer to issues of the STL:

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